Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sculpture Biennale 2012

Glad I remembered today, that even though my good camera is not always in my bag, I actually always have a camera on me, since there is one in my mobile phone.
Woman on the Move by Don Van Der Meuler

Spejlobjekt (Mirror Object) by Simon Jørgen Simonsen
Contemporary Busy by Till Junkel

Cheetah (Gepard) by Georg Kotter
Had forgotten all about the Sculpture Biennale 2012 in a nearby park, until today when I walked though the park while running some errands. The rain did not stop me and I started to hunt some of the sculptures with the camera - and what you see is the sculptures who spoke the most to me. The biennale is organized by the Danish Sculptor Society and shows artwork from 50 international artists.
Apparently photography was THE topic of my day, as I was approached by some friends with their camera, where the memory card had stopped working (error). They were panicking as it had all the first baby pictures on it.... Luckily I was able to change their worries into big smiles, when I after an hour managed to restore the photos - and honestely I was split seconds away from giving up.


Anne-Marie said...

You are a handy friend to, please come and fix my printer....hahaaa!
The sculptures are all amazing....especially like the woman and the!

Karen said...

Oh, what interesting sculptures!

Kim @ Stuff could... said...

Creative is the word that I would use for these sculptures! Keep taking these photos as you run errands, they are sooo interesting to see