Friday, September 14, 2012

The Wedding Shawl

I could just imagine, going into a cosy yarn shop in Massachusetts, notice the relaxed cat Purl in a favorite spot, touching the amazing skeins of fibres begging to be turned into a nice sweater, hat, mittens or other comfortable things. Sally Goldenbaum narative description of Izzy Chamber's yarn shop and the life in Sea Harbour makes you feel at home.

A local Sea Harbour book shop has invited an author to tell about mystery books and how a writer may find souces in real life to use when creating fiction. He brings up a 15 year old cold case from the city unaware that this old case will stirr up some memories and actually become related to a new murder in their town.

Izzys friends are making her a wedding shawl while they are trying to put all the mysteriuos pieces together, and the gardener Claire returns after many years of absence to Seaside putting her magic touch on their gardens, only to be part of the mystery, as her past reveals connection to the murder mysteries.


Reading knitting murder mysteries has become a part of my vacations - a combo of favourite things that can be enjoyed when relaxing. One teeny tiny annoying thing is, that while you are reading them, you want to be doing somethig with yarn at the same time ;o)


Anne-Marie said..., too! As soon as I started to read your synopsis I wanted to pick up my needles! I'm off to see if I can find this...thanks!

Vicky said...

You certainly like your mysteries, Anne, all set in what sound like wonderful surroundings.
I'm not into knitting but even I wanted to go into the shop and feel and smell the yarn. lol