Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Fair Trade Cola

Always on the look-out to taste new cola.
I like to support fair trade and organic products - but not at any cost. Not an issue about the price for this product, but the taste...... JIKES!! the word "awful" can not fully describe this experience. It does not even taste vaguely of cola - so what is the purpose of calling it Cola??
Was happy that I had a small bottle of "the real thing" in my house, so my faith in drinking a decent cola could be restored. When I see the photo of this can, it reminds me of some Coca Cola magazine adds from the mid 1980s.... which makes me consider this organic cola a total cola wannabe.


Vicky said...

There is not coke like Coca Cola all others seem to have a stange after tast.

Rosemary said...

Coca Cola rules; it makes me fat but it is the best!!!!

Lucas Schnock said...

I drank it with Rum, it was ok :)