Saturday, September 15, 2012

To Rome With Love

Singin' in the shower will never be the same again after having watched this movie :0)
And the dilemma: Do I like this movie or not? No wonder if this movie got mixed reviews, as I see pros and cons in this movie. Small stories intertwined with each other - some of the characters seem very familiar, as if you know them from your own life, others are just a bit bizarre.


Anne-Marie said...

Hmmmm....wouldn't bother goin' to see this....can't stand Woody Allen!

Vicky said...

And I thought I was the only one that did not like him, AM. Well another on not going to see this. lol
Oh! how fickle am I.

Cole Meyer said...

And I make three. Woody Allen and his movies are ... disturbing, for lack of a better word.
And yes, A, I think you are courageous -- look at all you have been going through -- and still keep a cheerful outlook! And shucks, you watched a Woody Allen movie, if that isn't courageous, I don't know what is.