Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Creative Weekend - Croquis

Croquis drawing : quick sketching of nude models.

This was the first creative theme last weekend, when I went to a creative weekend/seminar arranged by our national MS society. First time I have ever drawn a nude model.

Click on the photo and you will get a higher resolution and more details
All participants were surprised, that we had both a female and a male model, and some felt a bit uncomfortable at the beginning. Between instructions they were fully dressed (have not seen anybody undress/dress as quickly as them before) and you did not think about them being models, when the instructions were giving, and while drawing you only thought about the pose since we most time did not have more than 30 seconds, to make the sketch.

In 1½ hour I did 17 sketches, laughed and was amazed during this process. We learned how to let loose, and just let the pencil flow on the paper which was an excellent start of the weekend.

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