Friday, October 14, 2011

In A Lonely Place

Photo by Gregory Crewdson

You might think about an old Humphrey Bogart movie, when you see the title of this blog post, but it is also the title of a photo exhibition with the works of Gregory Crewdson.

Have you ever experienced a bombardment of a story into your mind just by the view of one photo, and you get totally exhausted, when it is several pictures doing that to you, all with their individual stories? The photo seems so familiar, which fuels the story despite the fact: You have never seen that photo before in your life. It is almost like you walk into the picture.

Chills were running down my spine when wandering from picture to picture - leaving me totally speechless. When leaving the exhibit, one of the custodians asked me "Did you enjoy it?" and strange sounds came out of my mouth. His smile said it all: he had already seen a lot of museum guests react the same way as me.


Karen said...

Crewdson's photos will do that to you. It must have been quite the experience to have seen that exhibit, I have only ever seen his work in books! Twilight is my favorite of his series, his most disturbing, yet thought provoking works for me.

Anne-Marie said...

Have to say I am not familiar with this work, but you've certainly got me to ask Google....haaaa!