Sunday, October 16, 2011

World Press Photo 2011

World Press Photos is a collection of the world's best photos depicting real life - sometimes a little bit to real for my taste. But can it ever get to real? It is not just me having an upset stomach just by looking at the reality of some of these pictures since they are depicting a horrible truth?

Not all of them are scary, see the two old biddys in the poster above, they are attending a fair somewhere in the UK, you can help wonder if they are family or old friends. Other photos were amazing animal photos and some depicting a sports situation/event.

Press photos are still a strong provider of truth/enlightenment/vision etc. -In the past it could take days for a news story to reach the other side of the world, now it happens just by the press of the button and the internet/news stations.

Can one really help the world having seen a press photo? Or are we just a passive bystander?


Birdie said...

I'd have to say more often than not it is a mixture. Which is far better than all being passive.

Petra said...

I agree with B. Good point you've raised Anne