Sunday, October 30, 2011

Klee and Cobra

Paul Klee

Paul Klee

Eugene Brands
Went up to see the exhibit a few weeks ago was wonderfully surprised by the exhibit. Had a lot of outbursts when seeing the individual paintings to the amusement of others.... But "Hey!" was by far not the only one who did that.

I like the idea of reconnecting with your childhood way of depicting items, forgetting boundries and just express what is in your mind. The last photo (painting by Eugene Brands): What comes into your mind when seing it? Mine was "Look, Mr Potatohead"..... one the custodians addressed me with a smile saying, that I am capturing the essense of CobraArt - expressing what comes into mind without any kind of filter.

Could have shown you picture after picture after picture, since a lot of them spoke to the inner child and gave me a happy feeling.... might just revisit the exhibit while it is showing :o)


Birdie said...

Not sure what to say - think would have to see more before connecting with inner child for me though I do find photo number two interesting. Very textured and I like texture.

Karen said...

uh huh....sorry Anne might just be a smile and nod moment...but I thought "Mr Men"