Thursday, October 20, 2011


Just hearing/reading that word, and it seems awful...maybe that is because we associate it with something bad. This word is also the title of a photo exhibit with Jan Banning's photos - he was a winner at the 2004 World Press Photo - presenting some stong facts.

From Jan Banning's photo exhibit "Bureaucrats"

Jan shows us 50 bureaucrats from various countries (US, China, Russia, India, Yemen etc.) at their workspace - some workspaces are very spartan but that only reflects what one can "expect" of that person's salary... Still one get surprised when one reads the fact under each photo.

Imagine working more than 40 hours a week and get less than 25 USD in monthly salary. Or as a newly employed person not knowing what your salary is going to be. Maybe you have not seen your salary for months and still you keep working. 

It put things into perspective and makes you appreciate what you have.

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Anne-Marie said...

Makes me depressed to think about the plight of so many people around the world....counting your blessings should be compulsary.