Saturday, October 22, 2011

TLC - Tender Loving Care - Part 1

TLC a new addtion to the tv-cable package. Did not think much about that news, but when flipping channels the other day I was immediately hooked. Normally I dislike reality tv due to all the drama, backstabbing, gossip etc. - only exception is Project Runway, do to the peak into creative peoples' minds and the process of creating something fabulous in a short period of time. But a reality show with a sceene like this photo, lured me into staying tuned at that channel - and they aired 3 reality shows in a row that caught my full attention.

Fascinated by scooters, and then to see a wedding cake, with the bride and groom riding a scooter in front of the wedding cake shaped like the Tower in Pisa ?!?! WOWZA!!


Reality show about Buddy Valastro and his family/team from Carlo's City Hall Bake Shop in Hoboken, New Jersey, USA, creating the most elegant, creative, awesome etc. cakes to all sorts of occations/celebrations.

If I saw one of those cakes in real life, I would be busy photographing all the details to help me remember that creation in front of me, and most likely forget to taste the cake - bet there must be a wonderful display at their shop window too. Next time I visit NewYork a trip to that shop is a definate must-do.


Anne-Marie said...

Anne, my daughter #2 (Gillian) is in love with Buddy's work, and we are going to see his shop when we visit....yaaaaay! Will get some pics for you...unless you want to jump a plane with us....haaaa!

Birdie said...

Oh no, we've lost you to reality TV. Will say would rather watch cake boss than Project Runway. You can take the photos - I'll taste test.