Monday, October 31, 2011

Hot Chocolate Cuppa Swap - Part 1

Happy Halloween everybody :o)

OK this tin has nothing to do with the swap, but this is an heirloom - I know that it is 50+ years old and I persuaded my mom to let me have it when I moved away from home. Well was the only one drinking hot chocolate anyway.. and it is stil used for it's designed purpose :o) One of my favourite things.

This post is about a hot chocolate swap, organised by Josie over at PaperCraftPlanet, where I was to send hot chocolate enough for ..... tada.... two cups to Niamh. Just had to open my cupboard and pick my two favourites VanHouten Choco Drink (Fairtrade) and Nestlé Choco Hot Creamy.

That was the easy part, then on to create a homemade card, to send with the hot chocolate samples. Oh that caused a minor headache, as I discarded two ideas in the process and finally came up with this. 

Leafy background is a digi freebie from Spyder's Corner and the cuppa stamp is from Bugaboo Digi Stamps.

As I had already discarded an idea of creating a double card, I needed some kind of pouch for the samples. Had some handmade paper at hand with "scratched" edges, so decided that it was to be the main "ingredient" of the pouch decorated a bit with a scrap of the leafy paper and the cups again - merely downsized. That would create a rustic look.

Here is the pouch when opened.

The "ribbon" or the "string" used is actually made of paper, to the right is how it looked when I purchased it, at the left it is smoothed out.

By the way: added a chocolate bonus - not an eatable one but also a drinkable one without being hot chocolate: a bag of Choco tea from YogiTea.


Karen said...

I like what you came up with!

Birdie said...

Did this cross one idea off your list or in the process add four more?

Jill said...

Love the vintage tin.
Great card and neat pouch idea.

Spyder said...

wow Anne, first time I've seen my 'leaves' used on a card (apart from one of mine!) and they look fab! Well done! and thank you!