Saturday, October 15, 2011

Panduro Hobby: Christmas Cards

My "local" craftshop, Panduro Hobby, have a blog with challenges, and when I saw the lastest one yesterday I realised, that it was a chance to kick myself in the behind and make one more Christmas cards as a lot more is needed before December starts (if I am going to meet all the international deadlines for sending cards).

All paper on this card is from Panduro Hobby, some of it a few years old - and have wanted to make an iris folded moose for a while now. The template for the moose is actually a moose shape cakecutter from IKEA and thought it fun to use for a friend living in a country with moose - hence the use of greetings in both Danish and English.

Still sticking to my Christmas Card concept this year by using red and white + a weaved heart.


Mit bidrag til Panduro Hobbys blogkonkurrence no 23.


Birdie said...

I love this card and can not believe the work you put into your creations. How lucky is your friend! Also,know you don't want Ali to see this. Big moose lover down under ;)
Someday I'm coming over lessons in iris folding...of course I'd have to catch you home first.

Petra said...

wow! so much work must have gone into this Anne! Beautiful, loving the weaved heart*