Thursday, October 13, 2011

Creative Weekend - Paverpol Sculptures

I am totally smitten/intrigued by Paverpol sculptures - the other workshop at the crafty weekend. When I signed up for the seminar, I had never seen anything like this before, but watching that workshop's participants create some wonderful pieces, I know I have to take a course/workshop in this one day.

These are the creations of the intructor Britt.Mai August:

One of the participants had this idea, and started creating the shapes of a Buddha

And she ended up with this wonderful creation:

Another participant's creation:

And can you believe it: it was their first Paverpol sculptures ever. All the participants in this workshop made one beautiful creation after another and this type of creativity is now added to top 10 on my list of must-do-someday crafts :o)


Birdie said...

Very cool - looks like would be fun to try. Went to website as had never heard of this; interesting product, adding to my someday list. Love this kind of stuff and bet you would be excellent at it!

Karen said...

Oh, isn't that an interesting craft! Hard to beleive those sculptures are made from styrofoam and tin foil. They are lovely!