Monday, October 17, 2011

Treasure Chest

I have a treasure chest - well it is in my eyes, as it is both useful but also with some treasured memories.

It is a sewing box from the 1930s and it used to belong to my mother. My mother had not used it since she moved away from home, so when my grandmother passed away I inherited it.

It is being used to what it was originally intended for

It also contains items no longer used - this embroidery I made in school at the time I had horses on my brain. It hung on the door to my room.

I also inherited my grandmothers sewing box, but unfortunately it was in such a bad state, that it could not be rescued. Inside that box was this little box which is more than 50 years old - and my grandmother used it for needles and so do I.


Karen said...

Treasures indeed, these little pieces of family history.

Cole Meyer said...

Those we love are forever in our memory and keeping these special treasures brings them even closer.

Vicky said...

Memories are our way of keeping people we love with us. These items are priceless because of the memories they hold for you.

Petra said...

Anne, how beautiful that you get to keep these treasures. I myself have a ring that belonged to my great grandmother (we share the same name), it is over 100 years old. My parents had it restored for me when I turned 21 and it is something that I treasure about my own family history. I often wonder about how my great grandfather presented it to her and what her face must have looked like when she recieved it :)