Monday, October 24, 2011

A Little Girls Dream

Think all girls at one point have had a moment, when they dream of the weddingdress they would wear on the big day, once they have grown up to be an adult woman. But I could not help myself laughing when I saw this online article about wedding dresses mad out of...... balloons :o) (My blogpost yesterday, that briefly mentioned a wedding dress made out of a cupcake, made me remember the article). If a child tells her parents, that she wants to get married in a wedding dress made out of balloons, do you think the mom's reply would be like this: "Honey. The dress is not made of balloons. It is the style or shape of the dress that is called a balloon dress" -just imagine her face, if her daughter presents a photo like the one below

Who gets an idea like this? How on earth can you mount that many balloons without busting them? Do you have to use a special type of balloons? As much as I am in awe of looking at creations like this one, I would not dare to put anything like that on my must-try-some-day-list

In my neighbourhood lives a party/event clown, and how cool would it be, if his clownsuit was made out of balloons?? Yes, Yes I know, my weird brain at work again, or maybe just my inner child shining through.

Seems like Westin Hotel and Resorts are dreaming about balloon beds - wow does that not look absolutely cozy and soft?? :o)


Karen said...

Funny what people come up with. My granddaughter would love a balloon dress, but in pink of course!

Birdie said...

Well, I wouldn't gain weight wearing this one. Reminds me of my niece's entry into the duct tape prom contest a few years back. Here's the link if you want a look:

Year: 2003 State: NV and entry 1295.