Monday, October 10, 2011

Secret Pals - Part 1

For the past year, I have been part of the Secret Pals over at PaperCraftPlanet. Lots of friendships have been made and lots of inspiration have been whirled in my directions by a lot of wonderful crafty women. Today was REVEAL day and the identity of my Secret Pal was a delightful surprise, as I have had absolutely no clue about her identity. More about here great creations tomorrow.

I had a Special Friend, whose identity I did not guess untill a couple of weeks ago - about the same time I posted her a special treat and letting her know, that I finally found out, she send me some goodies, that I was not allowed to open at midnight. My Special Friend was Vicky from Ireland :o)

These are the creations that she sent to me always creating a smile:


Birdie said...

That's where your boat came from! Very clever our friend is. Love the variety.

ilove2write said...

great cards that she made.. she is very talented.. beautiful coloring and everything.. I'm glad to read that you enjoyed Secret Pals 2011.. hope to see you for the new one! : )

Silver Strands said...

How fun! Isn't it wonderful - the friendship born from technology?!

Ali Baba said...

Love the cards Vicky, you lucky lady A XXX