Thursday, October 20, 2011

October Tea Swap 2011 - Part 2

Time for me to show the card, that I sent to Colleen in this month's tea swap, since she has already received it. The optional card them this month was: Halloween or the colors of orange/purple/black. Locally we celebrate Halloween different than in the US, however our Tivoli garden will be dressed up for the American way during next week, since it is the school children's fall vacation.

What does a Halloween themed napkin......

...and a tea bag tray have in common??

They were inspiration for the Jack'O'Lantern teapot on my card - created a pouch to hold the two tea samples, that I sent Colleen (Earl Grey and African Rooibos)


Included a little ornament from Panduro Hobby with a black ribbon.

Hope I captured the spirit of Halloween